I had never considered hiring a photographer to go with me on a surf trip or even for a day at the beach.  In my mind this is only something the pro's would do.

I kept asking my wife, Zoe, to come down and take a few photos of me on some waves. I have surfed for 30+ years and have a handful of photos to show for it.

Not being one to sit and wait while I sat in the water having fun catching waves she checked out your website, I get your newletters to my home email, and she enquired about your services for a surf trip with my mate who was over from the east coast.

It was my birthday while my mate was over and she gave me a certificate showing me that she had booked you to meet me in the South West for a day's shoot.

I was secretly stoked that I finally had the chance to get good photos of me on some waves.

I was not sure what to expect and felt anxious that a professional photographer would be catching my surfing/kook-ing on print.

The day of the shoot you arrived at Yal's while my mate and I had breakfast watching the waves and whales. After a quick meet and greet I asked if you could grab your camera and get a few shots of the whales. Without hesitation you got on the job and stood with us taking photos and chatting about the day ahead. This introduction was very comfortable and put me at ease about who would be taking photos of us.

Your personal approach made me feel like it was my day and it all unfolded from the first minutes and ended up a fantastic day.

The surf was not the best but your knowledge put us onto Andrew Wood - Injidupsome early waves and you in the water. You got heaps of photos and your presence in the water and talk between waves made sure I was aware that you already had some good photos. That really took any pressure off me as you assured me that you already had some keepers on my first waves which I was stoked about.

We had a feed and talked about what the rest of the day could offer.

I was concerned that the wind would ruin the only day I had for your services. Seeing that the surf was not great and that it would be pumping the next day you quietly let me know that you had some time available for the next day if needed. This was a great relief knowing I was going to get a second chance if there were no waves that afternoon.

Andrew Wood - South PointAt your suggestion we hit South Point that afternoon and it was good 3-4ft, clean and offshore. We had surf and I was getting my second surf with you shooting from the shore.

I got some good waves and also got drilled. This is when I realized that you know your stuff.

I now have some photos of me at South Point that really captured me in a late take off but, lookingAndrew Wood - South Point the goods. A few ending in me face slapping the water but the shots you got don't show any of that, just good clean take offs and great waves.

Like you told me, you only need 1 frame to catch a good photo and you got so many good shots I cant believe the end result.

I didn’t think I got that many waves.

Anyway, meeting you and having you take my photos while I surfed has been a very pleasurable experience.

Having my wife think of how she can make her husband happy and finding your website made me very happy.

I hope that other wives out there can understand that this type of experience is something their husbands may never do for themselves but, if you do it for them, they will have memories for life that they can then print and have on their wall.

Thanks very much for your services and I can see that sometime in the future I will be doing it again.

I hope others take up the chance to experience what I got to do for a day.  “Pro for a day”

Yours sincerely,

Andrew Wood



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