For anyone who likes to surf and wants to maximize their surf adventure when travelling to the West Coast of Australia, we strongly recommend that you consider using Matt Cooper as your own personal guide, photographer and travel companion.

In November of 2009, we three senior longboard surfers from Southern California planned what was probably the trip of our lives. Our plan was to rent an RV for two to three weeks and travel the West Coast of Australia, staying in different spots each day. Not knowing the territory was probably the biggest disadvantage and we knew we would eat up a lot of our time striking out to places unknown. Luckily, when we pulled into our first stop at Yallingup in the Margaret River area, we met Matt and his family, who were camping next to us. After striking up a conversation (after a few drinks) we learned that Matt had just started his surf site and photography business.TresAmigosNov09_01

We suggested that he act as our surf guide and document our trip for posterity. It was the best decision we made. Since we were in an RV and some of the surf spots are remote, we couldn’t have possibly gotten there on our own. With Matt’s four wheel drive and his local knowledge we managed to hit almost every break in the area. Matt stayed with us the entire time and with his photographic and surfing skills we made the most out of our trip.

Matt took over 2,000 pictures of us from different vantage points---in the water as we came down the breaks, from on shore looking out at the break and in the campground enjoying our camaraderie. Even though there were generational differences between us and Matt, we all had a great time and he made us feel welcome in his home. We now have a trip book with spectacular pictures that we never could have gotten any other way.

If you are planning this kind of an adventure, we highly recommend that you give Matt Cooper a call.

Bob, Scott & Jim



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I would like to take this opportunity to again say a huge thank you to you for your wonderful contribution of framed artwork for our recent P&C Quiz Night. As you know, the night was once again an outstanding success.  The organisers could not

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