Surfing at Canggu, Bali, Photo
Wayan getting some wind under the wings // Canggu, Bali on Sun 01.04.2012
In all the times that I've been to Bali, I've never been to Canggu. Not sure why. It's very close to Seminyak, which is where my wife likes to support her shopping habits. It's a great set up with a number of breaks spotted along the beach. Post surf you can still get a cheap feed at a number of warungs with prime beach front locales. Definitely a place I'll be heading back to.
The swell has been BIG, BIG, BIG here over the past week. 8-10 foot Uluwatu a couple of days ago. Not many dared the conditions. 


Immersed in aqua, South West, Western Australia, Photo
Immersed in aqua // South West, Western Australia on 24.04.2010
I get asked quite often about my favourite photos. It's really hard to break it down to 10 for the weekly post. It's also hard to explain why I chose these. Most photos have a story attached and I guess that plays a part in the choice.


Maui local Dylan Lehmann surfing Bingin, Bali
13 year old Dylan Lehmann on the downhill run // Bingin, Bali on Thu 10.11.2011
We saw a bit of swell hit the west coast last week after a 2 week lull. A few smiling faces around the place. I also had a quick 3 day trip up to Bali to photograph a wedding. Of course I was able to sneak down to Bingin for a quick shoot. Happy days!  


Agus lays it down, Bingin - Bali, Photograph
Agus lays it down // Bingin on Tue 10.05.2011
I'm back. What a weather shock. I've gone from 29 degrees and 100% humidity in Bali to 20 degrees and bucketing rain in Perth. I missed my banana pancake this morning and surely will also miss the Bintang at lunch time. Back to reality!  


Board preparation, Bingin - Bali, Photograph
Board preparation // Bingin on Mon 09.05.2011
Selamat Pagi from Bali today. I haven't had time to get many shots off yet so here are a few Bali shots from the gallery to keep you entertained.  

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