Tai Gregson, Scarboro Surfriders Comp, Photograph
Tai Gregson finds an empty one // Scarborough Beach on 18.07.2010
What a weekend for competition. J-Bay is done and dusted in the first 4 days of the event with country man Jordy Smith taking out the top spot over Aussie Adam Melling. Local ripper, Felicity Palmateer, has taken out her 3rd Australian Pro Junior comp at the Fantastic Noodles Pro Junior in SA and the Scarboro Surfriders polished off a club comp in sunny winter conditions.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to make it to J-Bay or SA, but was able to hit Scarbrough Beach in time to catch the SS club comp. We had great conditions over the weekend with some solid swell rolling through which was a plus for the event.


Sun Tracks, Scarborough Beach, Photograph
Sun tracks // Scarborough Beach @ 9:05am
At last, a couple of days of waves in a row. Everyone knows about it though! Probably the most crew that I've seen in the water for weeks...even with the cold conditions (air temp was 5C and water about 17C).

The local breaks are all the better for the recent storms. Some sand has pushed in on the north of the Cott groyne and the banks along Trigg and Scarborough are creating some decent shaped waves. There's a bit of water moving around and some deep gutters running out to sea. It makes for a tough time shooting in the water (please, no violins!!).

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I would like to take this opportunity to again say a huge thank you to you for your wonderful contribution of framed artwork for our recent P&C Quiz Night. As you know, the night was once again an outstanding success.  The organisers could not

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