Immersed in Aqua, Boranup Beach - South West WA, Photograph
Immersed in aqua // Boranup Beach, South West WA
It's been a big year for us at Loaded Barrel. A couple of trips overseas, a bunch of pics published in magazines and a set of tyres worn out on our WA coastal roads. Our subscriber base has gone from a handful of mates to close to 1,000 people in 12 months. Thanks for all of your support and positive comments in 2010. It's been a blast!

Today's photos are a selection of our favourites from this year. We hope that you enjoy.


A blanket of stratus, Trigg Point, Photograph
A blanket of stratus // Trigg Point @ 6:15am
I checked the charts last night and even though the swell was going to be small I was keen to have a swim with the water housing today and take in a spring day waking up. The beach had other ideas! There had been strong southerlies blowing at Rotto till early this morning which must have accounted for the wobbly surface conditions. Go to plan some pics from the archives.

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Surfer punting air, Trigg Point, photograph
Sliding the rails over this one // Trigg Point @ 7:55am
There'll be enough frothin' juniors around the northern car parks at Trigg Beach over the next few days to make a giant cappuccino. The influx has started in preparation for the Chill Pro Junior which kicks off tomorrow.

With so much young talent around in the water, the hardest decision I have to make is to select 5 images for the blog. Airs, verticals and big hacks are happening left, right and centre. It should be a fun few days with all that youthful energy around.

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On behalf of The McComb Foundation, we would like to extend our sincere appreciation for your contribution to the inaugural Burns Challenge Ball on Saturday, 23rd October 2010.  The energy of all athletes and entertainers on the night made it one

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