Well groomed lumps, Scarborough Beach, Photo
Well groomed lumps // Scarborough Beach on Fri 05.08.2011
You've got to be in the loop to get the heads up on a sneaky bank that's just started to pump. Text messages flying around…"get on down to XXXX it's got sik pits". After already doing a shoot on Friday arvo, we received one of these text messages. Back to the beach we went!  

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Jordan Marchant barrel, Scarborough, photograph
Jordan Marchant - head under the lip // Scarborough @ 8:10am
I checked the charts last night and they were still calling for a 20 knot sou' wester today. And when I heard the front come through at about 3:30am I had an image in my head about how the beach would be. Wet, smashed, windy, ugly! Not to be.

A really light easterly has kept conditions pretty smooth this morning. Just a little wobble in the waves but nothing too drastic. It would have been 2-3 foot along the Trigg to Scarborough stretch.

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