Manning St bank throwing up a right, Scarborough Beach, Photograph
Manning St bank throwing up a right // Scarborough Beach @ 7:10am
Clean waist to shoulder high waves down along the Perth beaches today. Damn cold though! Only 2 degrees down there. The toes are still thawing out. A couple of little banks were working OK. You had to pick it though. The rest of the beach is still pretty straight.

The south west has a cracker of a day today. The straight offshore breeze is grooming the 4-6 foot waves. The wind is slated to drop to nothing by lunch time. Similar conditions tomorrow with just a touch less swell.

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New video produced from a recent shoot...check it out! in the water for a paddle with the housing's good to be back after finally getting the repairs sorted out. Serious amounts of water moving about though which made for a hard swim. Very snoozy now!

The predicted swell has hit and it was probably a bit bigger than I was expecting this morning. The spike is still coming this arvo so it should be interesting to see what tomorrow holds. We'll see waves around 3 foot in Perth with really light SSE winds. Low tide of 0.55m at 1:00am and high tide of 1.08 at 1:00pm. The south west will be 6 foot with some bigger waves at exposed locations. Noice!

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I would like to take this opportunity to again say a huge thank you to you for your wonderful contribution of framed artwork for our recent P&C Quiz Night. As you know, the night was once again an outstanding success.  The organisers could not

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