Sunset over Mettams Pool
Waves…no. Sunsets…yes. // Mettams Pool on Thu 03.11.2011
Abalone season opened on Sunday. Crowds? There sure was! Carnage? Not too much. The swell has still been small...until today that is!  


Easy Carve, Trigg Point, Photograph
Easy carve // Trigg Point on Tue 26.04.2011
I'd like to think that I was able to have some R&R over the Easter break but it didn't really happen. Pretty much stuck behind a computer for the long, long weekend getting everything prepared for our exhibition - Seachange (Suit to Surf). There's a dim light at the end of the tunnel...Bali with the boys! Boardies and Bintangs. Focus. Focus!  


All the signs indicate to take a rest, Trigg Beach, Photograph
All the signs indicate to take a rest // Trigg Beach @ 6:40am
It's not like we want to take a rest, but what to do when the elements are stacked against us? We're 6 days into summer and the weather is a little confused. Rainy periods today with a tiny swell slappin' the ankles. It was a great morning for a stroll along the beach or even a swim but no real surf action to speak of.


Meet Baz, Scarborough Beach, Photograph
Meet Baz - smokes, drinks, dives 200ft on a single breath, smells like Jacks! // Scarborough Beach @ 6:40am
It's funny, you walk around minding your own business and no one says boo but with a camera in your hand you seem to attract very diverse people. This morning it was Barry! Nice enough bloke. He started telling me about his business plans then asked me if I had enough credit on my phone for him to make a call! Also told me about his appearance on the police drama "The Force". Makes for an interesting start to the day.

Nothin' really happening down on the Perth beaches this morning. Small wind effected waves and a storm looming just off the coast. A few die hard crew having a paddle but that was about it.


Dig, spike, smash, Scarborough Beach, Photograph
Dig, spike, smash // Scarborough Beach on 29.09.2010
You couldn't have had a bigger contrast in the beach scene from yesterday to today. This morning greated us with dark clouds, subtle hues, a few drops of rain and a deserted beach. Yesterday was thumping tunes, beach volleyball, bikinis, sunshine and serious crowds. The one consistent feature...small waves.

There is some swell on the way...but you'll have to be patient! The first pulse of groundswell will hit the coast on Saturday arvo producing waves around 1-2 foot on Sunday with light SE winds. A second pulse will hit on Monday taking the wave height up to 3 foot.

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On behalf of The McComb Foundation, we would like to extend our sincere appreciation for your contribution to the inaugural Burns Challenge Ball on Saturday, 23rd October 2010.  The energy of all athletes and entertainers on the night made it one

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