Amazing sunset at Trigg Beach, Photograph
Monster sunsets // Trigg Beach on 16.02.2011
Happy New Year and welcome to 2012! It's been a great break for me. A couple of family trips and lots of eating and drinking over the past month. Back into it now though!
I've tried hard to get some newsletter worthy images over the past week with not much success. After sitting here daydreaming about last year's escapades, I thought that it might be worth a review.  


Children riding home from school in Aserradores, Nicaragua
The Ride (Bronze Award) // Nicaragua on 07.06.2011
There's been a bit going on this last week. We've had some waves. I hit the skate park with a few buddies. The groms have competed. I scored 4 bronzes in the International Loupe Awards!  


Ryan Rowbottam, Rottnest Island, Photo
All style in the barrel - Ryan Rowbottam // Rottnest Island on Fri 12.08.2011
We've finally had a taste of some of the winter conditions that we come to expect in Perth. Cyclical ground swells have greeted us for the past few weeks and with the tail end of these we are seeing offshore winds and clear days. There seem to be banks around every sand dune. Places that I've rarely or never seen break have been firing!  


Pinks and Blues, Trigg Point, Photograph
Pinks and blues // Trigg Point on Mon 07.02.3011
We had a nice little sunrise this morning down along the Perth coast. It's a pity that there were NO waves to speak of. I had this great image in my head of a guy sitting on his board in silhouette against the pinks and blues. Do you think that I could find one guy in the water? Nope!
A story all too familiar to us here in's gonna be flat till the end of the week. Not even above the knees! I hate having to repeat this nonsense but I don't get to call the shots on the weather and surf conditions. Board sacrifice time?!


Ron cruises into the New Year, Trigg Point, Photograph
Ron cruises into the New Year // Trigg Point on 01.01.2011
New Year's resolution…get fit! It's just so hard with all of the chocolate almonds left in the cupboard and no waves to burn them off with.

It continues to be a sad summer for surf in Perth. There's so much promise of an epic day to be had with heaps of sand pushed up into points and groynes. We just need the right swell! I think that we need a board sacrifice...yes, yes, not good for the environment I know.

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On behalf of The McComb Foundation, we would like to extend our sincere appreciation for your contribution to the inaugural Burns Challenge Ball on Saturday, 23rd October 2010.  The energy of all athletes and entertainers on the night made it one

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