Colours of the south west, Injidup, Landscape photo
Colours of the south west // Injidup on 27.02.2012
Welcome back Autumn. How I have missed you. Please bring same waves…soon!


Immersed in aqua, South West, Western Australia, Photo
Immersed in aqua // South West, Western Australia on 24.04.2010
I get asked quite often about my favourite photos. It's really hard to break it down to 10 for the weekly post. It's also hard to explain why I chose these. Most photos have a story attached and I guess that plays a part in the choice.


Getting barrelled in the South West of WA, Photograph
Back into it after one board snappage // South West on Sun 05.02.2012
I had nothing this week. Expected a few waves in Perth. Nothin! Cyclone Iggy didn't even have an impact…locally. The south west scored, but the swell just marched on past Perth.
Headed south with a couple of lads for the groundswell yesterday and picked up a few. Check out the contrast in these images. All shot on the same day but about 50kms apart.  


Skateboarding silhouette at Bayswater Skate Park, Photograph
Vert in silhouette // Bayswater Skate Park on Wed 11.01.2012
We've got a bit of a mixed bag from last week. I had a day trip down south, caught up with some of the local action at the beach and spent a night with WA's "Bowlscum".
These guys skate old pools and vert ramps around Perth. The interesting thing is that they lug around a generator and three huge spot lights so that they can keep skating after the sun goes down. Awesome set up!  


Amazing sunset at Trigg Beach, Photograph
Monster sunsets // Trigg Beach on 16.02.2011
Happy New Year and welcome to 2012! It's been a great break for me. A couple of family trips and lots of eating and drinking over the past month. Back into it now though!
I've tried hard to get some newsletter worthy images over the past week with not much success. After sitting here daydreaming about last year's escapades, I thought that it might be worth a review.  

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On behalf of The McComb Foundation, we would like to extend our sincere appreciation for your contribution to the inaugural Burns Challenge Ball on Saturday, 23rd October 2010.  The energy of all athletes and entertainers on the night made it one

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