Colours of the south west, Injidup, Landscape photo
Colours of the south west // Injidup on 27.02.2012
Welcome back Autumn. How I have missed you. Please bring same waves…soon!


Getting barrelled in the South West of WA, Photograph
Back into it after one board snappage // South West on Sun 05.02.2012
I had nothing this week. Expected a few waves in Perth. Nothin! Cyclone Iggy didn't even have an impact…locally. The south west scored, but the swell just marched on past Perth.
Headed south with a couple of lads for the groundswell yesterday and picked up a few. Check out the contrast in these images. All shot on the same day but about 50kms apart.  


Star gazing in the bush, Yallingup, Photograph
Star gazing in the bush // Yallingup on Sun 17.07.2011
I've just spent the last week down south at Yallingup with the family. I'm still amazed at how bright the stars seem when you're in the country. I was doing a bit of star gazing last night and thought that I'd break out the tripod and shutter release cable and get some star trail photos (It's where you leave the shutter open for quite a long time and the stars will leave a trail across the image). It was super cold but worth the effort.  


Out to Sea, Yallingup - South West WA, Photograph
Out to sea // Yallingup on Sat 09.07.2011
It still surprises me what a 1.4m swell produces in the south west. If you're on the pulse, there are always a few small wave locations with a bank that's working. We scored a fun session at one of these beaches over the weekend. Lucky for me I got off a few photos then was able to have a paddle as well. Life's good.  


Sculpture, Cottesloe, Photograph
Centrefold // Cottesloe on 09.10.2009
I'm not getting any good surf pics by resting on my laurels. We're back on the road today trying to hunt down some decent waves to shoot. Which means that we're not in Perth!!

In the meantime, I've posted up a few images from the gallery that haven't had a run for a while. They're not so much for the surf market but more for the art market.

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