Amazing sunset at Trigg Beach, Photograph
Monster sunsets // Trigg Beach on 16.02.2011
Happy New Year and welcome to 2012! It's been a great break for me. A couple of family trips and lots of eating and drinking over the past month. Back into it now though!
I've tried hard to get some newsletter worthy images over the past week with not much success. After sitting here daydreaming about last year's escapades, I thought that it might be worth a review.  


Christian Wach surfing The Boom, Nicaragua
Christian Wach sliding in // The Boom, Nicaragua on 09.06.2011
I've been going back through some of my photos and posts and realised that I still had a bunch of great images from previous trips that hadn't seen the light of day. Here are a handful of photos from Nicaragua back in June. I spent the week in a remote surf camp under the tutelage of Art Brewer. With great waves, four pro surfers and amazing lifestyle opportunities, it was pretty hard to come away with nothing!  


Children riding home from school in Aserradores, Nicaragua
The Ride (Bronze Award) // Nicaragua on 07.06.2011
There's been a bit going on this last week. We've had some waves. I hit the skate park with a few buddies. The groms have competed. I scored 4 bronzes in the International Loupe Awards!  


Maui local Dylan Lehmann surfing Bingin, Bali
13 year old Dylan Lehmann on the downhill run // Bingin, Bali on Thu 10.11.2011
We saw a bit of swell hit the west coast last week after a 2 week lull. A few smiling faces around the place. I also had a quick 3 day trip up to Bali to photograph a wedding. Of course I was able to sneak down to Bingin for a quick shoot. Happy days!  


Sunset over Mettams Pool
Waves…no. Sunsets…yes. // Mettams Pool on Thu 03.11.2011
Abalone season opened on Sunday. Crowds? There sure was! Carnage? Not too much. The swell has still been small...until today that is!  

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