Hovering orb over North Beach jetty
Hovering orb // North Beach on Tue 25.10.2011
Last week's swell forecast. Small-ish. Chance of capturing some decent surf shots. Small-ish. Potential of seeing a hovering orb along the Perth coast. Better. I needed to find something to kick start the creative mind! Keep your eyes peeled, you might see some more orbs at landmarks around Western Australia.


The paddle out to Mundaka, Spain
Jim's Mundaka paddle out on his 68th Birthday // Mundaka, Spain on Tue 11.01.2011
Well...I'm back from the Spanish experience and need to get on the treadmill! It was as much a gastronomic trip as it was a surf trip. The food culture in that part of the world is very different from Oz. I'm sure that if you ordered wine with your breakfast that no one would raise an eye!!  


Mitch Taylor at Trigg Beach...too much Red Bull
Mitch Taylor…too much Red Bull?! // Trigg Beach on Thu 06.10.2011
I picked up a new piece of kit for the water housing this week. A pole that is supposed to give you some different angles on your photos. I'm all good but I'll have to take the pole out for a few more training sessions. He's got his angles a little off!!  


Wave of the day at Scarborough Beach
Andy Deguara picks up wave of the day // Scarborough Beach on Thu 22.09.2011
Another year older. Not sure about wiser! I'm still getting over the party on Saturday night…the body just doesn’t recover like a 21 year old's!! I got heaps of great presents. Absolutely stoked!  


A moment in the sun...old mate Kev
A moment in the sun…old mate Kev
There were a couple of good days of waves last week. Funny that you can be 1 kay down the beach where the banks are working or the other way and it's crud. Scarborough was the pick of the bunch from what I saw. This will probably change again after the wild weather that has pumped the coast over the weekend. Lots of sand movement.

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