Meet Baz, Scarborough Beach, Photograph
Meet Baz - smokes, drinks, dives 200ft on a single breath, smells like Jacks! // Scarborough Beach @ 6:40am
It's funny, you walk around minding your own business and no one says boo but with a camera in your hand you seem to attract very diverse people. This morning it was Barry! Nice enough bloke. He started telling me about his business plans then asked me if I had enough credit on my phone for him to make a call! Also told me about his appearance on the police drama "The Force". Makes for an interesting start to the day.

Nothin' really happening down on the Perth beaches this morning. Small wind effected waves and a storm looming just off the coast. A few die hard crew having a paddle but that was about it.


Josh Hay on his way to winning the U16 boys, Trigg Point, Photograph
Josh Hay on his way to winning the Under 16 Boy's // Trigg Point on 23.10.2010
The action was firing down at Trigg Point on Saturday with more frothin' groms around than you could poke a stick at. The Rip Curl Grom Search series, which has been circulating the country since 1999, gives surfers aged 16 and under the opportunity to showcase their talent in a fun, competitive environment. Smallish conditions were on offer for the Perth event but these young kids had no problem carving up the waves.

The small wave conditions will carry on to the middle of this week with a new large SW swell hitting the West Australian coast on Thursday. It's gonna be mixed up with some strong SW winds and rain but this should all settle down for Friday morning. A great beach day tomorrow with light to moderate winds and a top of 32C.


Nalu's backhand crack, Trigg Point, Photograph
Nalu's backhand crack // Trigg Point @ 7:05am
The council has been down at Scarborough beach this week with some oversized Tonka trucks moving a bunch of sand around. It hasn't really done much for the banks down that way. Seems to all be drifting north towards Trigg. A few more big SW blows and the circus will be back on at The Point I reckon!

A few clean little waves (1-2 foot) were hitting the coast this morning. The sun was out, the wind was light and the water has warmed up a couple of degrees. What a great way to close out the week!


Breakwater views, Hillarys Marina, Photograph
Breakwater views // Hillarys Marina @ 5:50am
I wasn't expecting much in the way of waves this morning so I headed down to Hillarys Marina early-ish to try to beat the sunrise and capture a few pictures. I didn't beat the sunrise but I did cop a beat down from the mad seagulls. They are C-R-A-Z-Y...crazy! Swooping, squawking and trying to paint me white with poo. I was lucky to come out unscathed!

To my surprise, there was a little bit of swell around and the wind was light from the north. It was pushing 2 foot on the sets. A few groms were making the most of a little right hander breaking into Watermans Bay. Takes me back to when I was 13.


Heading in for tea, Cottesloe Beach, Photograph
Heading in for tea // Cottesloe Beach @ 6:00am
Buzz splat…the sound that you'd hear if you were following me around this morning. The flies are nuts already! I'm so close to wearing one of those kooky fly nets but I just can’t bring myself to do it. It runs in the same league as wearing a camera vest!

It was 15C degrees this morning at about 5:30am…a glorious start to the day. Heaps of people were out enjoying the warmth and taking in the glow. It's gonna max out at 32C. Hot, hot. I think that I'll be heading back down for a swim later on. And a swim is about all that's on offer. Waves are only slapping around the ankles today...that's if you get a set wave!

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I would like to take this opportunity to again say a huge thank you to you for your wonderful contribution of framed artwork for our recent P&C Quiz Night. As you know, the night was once again an outstanding success.  The organisers could not

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