Under molten glass, South West WA, Photograph
Under molten glass // South West W.A. on 16.05.2010
I'm on the road today. Heading south with a bunch of Australia's top kite surfers. By the time you read this I would have clocked up 400 kms, guzzled 2 iced coffees and gnawed on a dodgy cheese sausage. All in the name of finding good waves I guess!!


Preparing for the crowds, Trigg Beach, Photograph
Preparing for the crowds // Trigg Beach @ 6:35am
Yep. It's gonna be warm this week. Starting today with a top of 29C and gradually increasing until the mercury hits 34C next Monday. We've also got some swell heading our way on Friday. If it makes it between the islands then we should see 2 foot waves along the metro coast. Keep an eye on the tides and swell direction. Two of the key factors influencing the wave quality at the moment.


A bearded Pier-Louis completes the 80s scene, Deus Surf Swap Meet, Photograph
A bearded Pier-Louis completes the 80's scene // Deus Surf Swap Meet on 21.11.2010
I headed on down to the inaugural Perth Deus Surf Swap Meet yesterday to see what was goin' on. Some great memories from my boyhood came flooding back as I browsed through the Cordingley twin fins, skinny plastic skateboards and high riser handle bars. I was much too young back in the 80's to own a Holden Sandman but I had much adoration for them and their bubble windows. I just needed to dig out the Scoop boardies and Surfer Joe thongs and I would have slotted straight back in!

The local beach conditions today are somewhat stormy and a tad wet. There was a little bit of swell around this morning but most people had the same idea of staying tucked up in bed. The few guys that did brave the water scored a couple of overhead, lumpy but rideable, waves.


Josh Doherty, South West WA, Photograph
Mr Josh Doherty...back in action! // South West on 17.11.2010
I was told that I missed a pretty good session down at the local beaches yesterday but I, unfortunately, was chained to the desk with way too much work to do. I was lucky enough to have hit the south west coast on Wednesday though with a couple of mates. Not "all time" but just a little more punch in the waves than what we've had in Perth lately.

Good, clean, fun conditions in the metro area today. The sets were pushing through at about 1-2 foot. A little wait in between the sets allowed enough time to work on the tan. The water is warm and the sun is beaming. A sweltering max of 39C today.


Finding some protection inside the groyne, Floreat Beach, Photograph
Finding some protection inside the groyne // Floreat Beach on 12.11.2010
I had a couple of "assistants" with me this morning. Very eager. Not so helpful though! I thought that they were supposed to make my job easier?!

Waves were around 1 foot and clean this morning. Strong easterlies but the water looked damn inviting. Very clear and very blue. Only a handful of crew in the water which is normal for Mondays.

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I had never considered hiring a photographer to go with me on a surf trip or even for a day at the beach.  In my mind this is only something the pro's would do. I kept asking my wife, Zoe, to come down and take a few photos of me on some waves. I

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