Immersed in Aqua, Boranup Beach - South West WA, Photograph
Immersed in aqua // Boranup Beach, South West WA
It's been a big year for us at Loaded Barrel. A couple of trips overseas, a bunch of pics published in magazines and a set of tyres worn out on our WA coastal roads. Our subscriber base has gone from a handful of mates to close to 1,000 people in 12 months. Thanks for all of your support and positive comments in 2010. It's been a blast!

Today's photos are a selection of our favourites from this year. We hope that you enjoy.


Face to face, Floreat Beach, Photograph
Face to face // Floreat Beach on 15.12.2010
Expect to see more surfers with umbilical cords gracing the pages of Loaded Barrel during the summer months. To score some clean morning waves above knee height is but a mere dream at the moment in Perth. Our south west cousins are enjoying some "small" (meaning around 3 foot) well groomed waves but we're seeing none of it!

Small, small swell is predicted for the next week at least so scrap the idea of a new short board for Xmas and hit Santa up for a mal or a skateboard instead. The only advice I can give to the wave starved is to look for a protected spot in the arvo and pick up a little wind wave. A bit of fun is being had around the groynes!


Glow, Trigg Beach, Photograph
Glow // Trigg Beach @ 5:25am
The clouds have gone and it's back to blue skies and warm days. A little cool in the mornings with the fresh offshore winds but the water is like a warm bath. Sorry to say but the waves are on vacation! Still, it's worth hitting the beach just to get your head in the ocean. The mercury is gonna hit 29C today and mid 30's over the weekend.


All the signs indicate to take a rest, Trigg Beach, Photograph
All the signs indicate to take a rest // Trigg Beach @ 6:40am
It's not like we want to take a rest, but what to do when the elements are stacked against us? We're 6 days into summer and the weather is a little confused. Rainy periods today with a tiny swell slappin' the ankles. It was a great morning for a stroll along the beach or even a swim but no real surf action to speak of.


Ryland Blakeney,  Floreat Groyne, Photograph
Watch & learn boys, watch & learn - Ryland Blakeney // Floreat Groyne on 02.12.2010
I'm still recovering from "the big drive" on Monday…both physically and photographically! Up at 2:30am, clocked up around 1,000km seeing most of the South West, then home by 10:30 that night. Ouch! The expected wind and waves didn't hit Spot X (a heaving, ledge of a wave breaking on a shollow reef in the middle of deep water) so we were pretty bummed. No great pics for the sponsors on this trip.

I caught up with Ryland Blakeney for a session down at Floreat Groyne last night and scored more good shots in the first 5 minutes than what we got for the whole day on Monday. A few of the local surf crew were also taking advantage of the increase in swell and protection from the wind. Crazy emerald green water down there at the moment.

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I had never considered hiring a photographer to go with me on a surf trip or even for a day at the beach.  In my mind this is only something the pro's would do. I kept asking my wife, Zoe, to come down and take a few photos of me on some waves. I

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