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Felicity Palmateer hack, Chill Pro Junior, Trigg Beach, photograph
Local knowledge coming to the fore - Felicity Palmateer // Trigg Point @ 8:00am
Must have been a big weekend for some! Not many crew in the water this morning. The few that did make the effort were rewarded with some clean 2-3 foot waves. The new banks along the beachies have also thinned the crowds at the north end of Trigg.

You'd better get your week planned early and move all of your big jobs to the afternoon. At this stage, the next four days are looking like a carbon copy of today. Light offshore winds, a SW groundswell around the 2.0-2.5m mark and sunny days in the low 20's. Sweeeet!


Pushing the limits, City Beach, photograph
Pushing the limits of the foamie // City Beach @ 7:40am
The wind ended up going against the trend and swung offshore early this morning. It did a pretty decent job of smoothing off the water surface and greeting the early morning crew with some ride-able waves.

I headed south first up and snapped a few young frothers picking up a bag full off the groynes at City Beach and Floreat. I also got some pics of this guy charging for some of the bigger waves on a foamie. Something you don't see every day.

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High tide mark, Trigg Beach, photograph
High tide mark // Trigg Beach @ 7:10am
It was hard to work out if it was raining this morning or if the wind was whipping the surface spray off the ocean. There was a lot of water moving around with a 1.25m high tide and 2-3 foot of swell smashing the coast. Hitched up with gusting 30 knot westerlies and it was just plain U.G.L.Y!

Check out the image above. That "creek" is running along the bottom of the access path at Trigg Beach. Cross fingers for a bit of sand movement.

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Clean arvo session, Trigg Beach, photograph
Clean waves for the arvo session // Trigg Beach, yesterday @ 4:15pm
The forecast that I offered up yesterday was a bit flakey. Apologies if you opted for a sleep in today! The winds stayed offshore and were producing some clean lines this morning. It's still blowing 10 knots from the NE as I type.

Half expecting today to be sloppy, I hit the beach for an arvo shoot yesterday and found a bunch of crew out for the after work session in shoulder high waves. The lower tide was throwin' up some fun rippable peaks.

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Felicity Palmateer surf, Trigg Beach, photograph
Felicity Palmateer back at her local after a jaunt to Hossegor // Trigg Beach @ 8:35am
There were still a few shoulder high waves to be had this morning. The wave size has dropped off a bit since last night but the surface conditions were much improved from yesterday. The wave quality was on the up as the tide moved back out.

We're going to have a sunny top of 19 today and this wind is expected to keep blowing from the NE. It could be worth a look later on this arvo.

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I had never considered hiring a photographer to go with me on a surf trip or even for a day at the beach.  In my mind this is only something the pro's would do. I kept asking my wife, Zoe, to come down and take a few photos of me on some waves. I

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