Sculpture, Cottesloe, Photograph
Centrefold // Cottesloe on 09.10.2009
I'm not getting any good surf pics by resting on my laurels. We're back on the road today trying to hunt down some decent waves to shoot. Which means that we're not in Perth!!

In the meantime, I've posted up a few images from the gallery that haven't had a run for a while. They're not so much for the surf market but more for the art market.


Longboard, Scarborough Beach, Photograph
The cammo log // Scarborough Beach @ 7:35am
We need some storms. The banks along the Perth beaches are straight as. There's not even enough swell for a paddle on the reefs unless you have a BIG board.

What to do in these situations? Get some odd jobs done, sit on the porch and play the banjo or take a road trip! Option 3 it is. Hopefully we can post some pics to get you frothin'.


Scarborough Clock Tower, Photograph
Clock tower aura // Scarborough Beach @ 7:35am
The full moon lured a few crazies into the water today. Yep it's still really, really, really cold before the sun reaches over the hills. It was a warm 5C today in comparison to Saturday when it got down to -0.6C degrees at 7:30am…just before I was getting in the water for a photo shoot. Ouch!

There is a bit of swell around today, about 2 foot, but unfortunately the banks along the beachies have gone walk-about. About 4 straight handers to every 1 left/right hander...much like the Germany/England score. That's gotta hurt! Don't mention the war!

No clouds and icy cold at Scarborough Beach, photograph
No clouds and icy cold. Yeesh! // Scarborough Beach @ 7:25am
You know it's cold when…the grass is crunchy under your feet and you have to scrape ice off the windscreen! Damn it was cold. Could hardly feel my fingers…even with gloves on! It was down to 0.1c in the City at 7:45am.

The guys coming out of the water said that it was like getting into a bath after the walk across the ice cold sand. Was it worth it? Probably. There were a few fun 2 foot runners in between the straight handers.


Time for a morning surf before work, North of Perth, Photograph
Need retaining done? Not today! // North of Perth @ 7:10am
Loaded up the wagon and got outta town this morning with a couple of buddies. Damn it was cold! It still feels like there are 10 ice blocks hanging off the end of my feet.

It looks like we made the right call! Junior tells me that the banks along the Scarborough to Trigg stretch were pretty straight and the waves were only about shoulder high. We had sets over head high with only a handful of guys in the water. A little less tide and it would have been spot on!

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