Dig, spike, smash, Scarborough Beach, Photograph
Dig, spike, smash // Scarborough Beach on 29.09.2010
You couldn't have had a bigger contrast in the beach scene from yesterday to today. This morning greated us with dark clouds, subtle hues, a few drops of rain and a deserted beach. Yesterday was thumping tunes, beach volleyball, bikinis, sunshine and serious crowds. The one consistent feature...small waves.

There is some swell on the way...but you'll have to be patient! The first pulse of groundswell will hit the coast on Saturday arvo producing waves around 1-2 foot on Sunday with light SE winds. A second pulse will hit on Monday taking the wave height up to 3 foot.


Jack Robinson, South West, Photograph
Master Jack Robinson // South West W.A. on 09.09.2010
I've been hit with the dreaded "man cold" and am out of action. Struggling to get my head off the pillow today. It's always the way though. You have so much to do and you get crook. I'm on a plane on Friday so will be laying low for the week trying to get healthy.

I'm not sure that you missed much today down at the beach with 1 foot waves and strong offshore winds. Even smaller for the next few days. It will be worth a swim tomorrow though with the mercury topping 30.


Under the fold, Scarborough Beach, Photograph
Under the fold // Scarborough Beach @ 7:30am
We still have a little bit of swell hanging around in Perth after the last couple of days of decent waves. Sadly it was pretty straight on the beach breaks. A few guys were tucking into some small barrels…not many came out the other end though! A heap of rips around as well which made for wonky waves. A great workout if you're in the water taking pictures.


Painting with light, Mettams Pool, Photograph
Painting with light // Mettams Pool on 20.09.2010
No need to blow a week's pay at the Royal Show to see some fireworks. Just take a stroll along the coast around 6pm and get a freebie! Light cloud cover provided some nice reflectors for the setting sun last night. It seemed like half of Perth were out enjoying the display.

Although the inshore buoys were only indicating a 0.4m swell this morning I was surprised to see a few fun waves pushing through at Scarborough... and only 4 guys in the water! The swell is still on the increase this afternoon and hopefully the winds will stay offshore for a while. It might be worth a look.

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Chris Collings wave, Scarborough Beach, Western Australia
Chris Collings picks up the best of the best today // Scarborough Beach @ 7:10am
Spring has sprung. Well, for this week anyway! The sun is heating up, people are out working off the winter coats and every second person is sneezing. Aaaaachoooooo!

It also seems that maybe we're back to Spring swell patterns. Some small to flat periods with a little lump every now and then. Today and tomorrow are the the smallish days while Wednesday and Thursday are looking pretty good. We can expect around 2+ foot of WSW swell in the metro area on Wednesday afternoon and into Thursday morning. 4-6 foot in the South West.

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I had never considered hiring a photographer to go with me on a surf trip or even for a day at the beach.  In my mind this is only something the pro's would do. I kept asking my wife, Zoe, to come down and take a few photos of me on some waves. I

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