Stylin' Silhouette, Trigg Point, Photograph
Stylin' silhouette // Trigg Point on Fri 28.01.2011
There was a bit going on last week in sleepy ol' West Oz. Some fun waves and competition abound. Australia Day saw nearly 2,000 people don a thong for the Havaiana Thong Challenge down at Cottesloe Beach. Top honours this year went to team Bondi…only beating WA by 121 thongs though!
Our South West caught 2 macking swells within 4 days. A 4m SW swell on Thursday then a 3m NW cyclone swell on Sunday. That doesn't happen very often. We were also lucky enough in Perth to score some of the cyclone swell. There were waves all along the coast. I heard talk of guys having 4 and 5 surfs yesterday. Lots of smiling faces down at the beach!


James Fleming, South West WA, Photograph
Frothing grom getting frothed - James Fleming // South West on Tue 18.01.2011
Soul man, the Grom and I packed up the bongo van with boards, guitars and iced coffee last week for a quick road trip south. The charts were looking promising and we were wave starved. Was our hunger satisfied? Yep!


Waiting for the night to come, Trigg Beach, Photograph
Waiting for the night to come // Trigg Beach on Mon 10.01.2011
We had a little increase in swell on Thursday and Friday last week which put some smiles on dials. Thursday, I was told, was the pick of the days with clean offshore conditions. Unfortunately I was chained to the desk that day and couldn't make it down to snap off any photos. It's always the way!


Justin takin' it all the way to shore, Trigg Point, Photograph
Justin takin' it all the way to shore // Trigg Point on 08.01.2011
Hey gang! 2011 is gonna bring some new changes to Loaded Barrel and you, the ever loyal subscriber. The format of the newsletter/blog is going to change a bit both in look and regularity. It hasn't been quite finalised yet but take some comfort in the fact that you are still going to see some quality photos from up and down our picturesque West Australian beaches at least weekly. We are concentrating on updating our Facebook page with new content in between newsletters so if you haven't already LIKED us then go do it now.

Since our last contact we have seen some waves in Perth! Yeh. A decent swell hit the local beaches on Friday producing waves between 2-3 foot. I even hit the water myself for a little paddle after the early crowd exited for work. The swell eased on Saturday but had cleaned up heaps. Crowds? Indeed there was!


Ron cruises into the New Year, Trigg Point, Photograph
Ron cruises into the New Year // Trigg Point on 01.01.2011
New Year's resolution…get fit! It's just so hard with all of the chocolate almonds left in the cupboard and no waves to burn them off with.

It continues to be a sad summer for surf in Perth. There's so much promise of an epic day to be had with heaps of sand pushed up into points and groynes. We just need the right swell! I think that we need a board sacrifice...yes, yes, not good for the environment I know.

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