Luke Campbell, Trigg Point, Photograph
Luke Campbell, back in town from south Cali // Trigg Point on Thu 24.02.2011
There was a heap going on last week. Perth had waves (yep, I couldn't believe it either), 2 tropical cyclones passed down our coast (nothing like Bianca though), Hawaiians threw down, Flores pulled out, the Quiky Pro went "free to air" (yeeeeww), we had 7 days of temps above 35C and did I mention...we had waves!  


Piggin' it on the lefts, Trigg Point, Photograph
Piggin' it on the lefts // Trigg Point on Mon 21.02.2011
We've had a serious flat spell in Perth for the past couple of weeks. Even the small wave locations in the South West have been, well…small! Today could just be the turning point. The cyclones up north are producing a great combination of west swell and offshore winds. I even saw set waves this morning! Shoulder to head high and clean. A few smiles down on the beach.  


Today's sunrise reaching to the west, Trigg Beach, Photograph
Today's sunrise reaching to the west // Trigg Beach on Mon 14.02.2011
Perth still hasn’t cracked a decent swell since we last talked. Nothing much on the horizon either. The crystal ball is telling me that there could be a small increase towards the weekend but it's still a little hazy! One saving grace for me, the sunrises and sunsets this week have been firing. Luckily, otherwise I'd have nothing to post.


Pinks and Blues, Trigg Point, Photograph
Pinks and blues // Trigg Point on Mon 07.02.3011
We had a nice little sunrise this morning down along the Perth coast. It's a pity that there were NO waves to speak of. I had this great image in my head of a guy sitting on his board in silhouette against the pinks and blues. Do you think that I could find one guy in the water? Nope!
A story all too familiar to us here in's gonna be flat till the end of the week. Not even above the knees! I hate having to repeat this nonsense but I don't get to call the shots on the weather and surf conditions. Board sacrifice time?!

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I would like to take this opportunity to again say a huge thank you to you for your wonderful contribution of framed artwork for our recent P&C Quiz Night. As you know, the night was once again an outstanding success.  The organisers could not

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