Cool, calm and collected - Marc Lee, Trigg Point, Photograph
Cool, calm and collected - Marc Lee // Trigg Point on Tue 22.03.2011
A week of waves! That hasn't happened for a while now. Combine that with hot days and warm water and there were smiles all round.  


On hand and knee - Josh, Trigg Point, Photograph
On hand and knee - Josh // Trigg Point on Mon 21.03.2011
Could it be? Not sure that I want to get too excited! Is this the start of some autumn swell patterns? It's not going to be big (locally) but it looks like this week will have some consistent waves. If you want to get your teeth into something a little more meaty then head south...3-5 foot with offshore conditions till Friday at least.  


Still warm enough for a surf in boardies, Trigg Point, Photograph
Still warm enough for a surf in boardies // Trigg Point on Sun 13.03.2011
I've pretty much photographed every possible means of having fun on the water this last week. Short boards, long boards, kite surfing, wind surfing, knee boards and body boards. Just missed out on the SUP's…not that too many people would be disappointed! After weeks of small waves and no wind, a heap of crew were out enjoying the conditions that were tossed up. Lots of smiling faces around the beach!  


Mike Counsel, Trigg Point, Photograph
Mike Counsel tearin' the bag out of it // Trigg Point on Mon 28.02.2011
A few days with waves and few without in the week just past. I was lucky enough last Monday to get back down to the beach after sending out the newsletter. Warm water, offshore winds, a few good waves and a glowing sunset. Every man (or woman) and his (or her) dog were onto it though! Boards going left, right and centre. Head protection would have been a good idea!  

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