Surf check, Trigg Point, Photograph
Surf check // Trigg Point on Fri 15.04.2011
It's been nice to see some consistent swell patterns lately. We are getting the odd small day but at least there are decent wave days in between. The south west has been firing and even on the days that "seem" flat, you can nearly always find a wave somewhere.  


Ohno Masatoshi, Margaret River Pro, Photograph
Big drop - Ohno Masatoshi // Margaret River on Fri 08.04.2011
Well it's all done and dusted. Two Americans have taken out the major prizes for the men's and women's events at this year's Margaret River Pro. Floridian, Damien Hobgood, excelled in the small waves in the final against local WA lad Yadin Nicol. Hobgood's experience surfing at the top level showed through with his wave selection and wave count.  


Tall Paul just fitting in frame, Trigg Point, Photograph
Tall Paul just fitting in frame // Trigg Point on Tue 29.03.2011
There was some healthy competition on the weekend with the Trigg Point Boardriders having their last battle in the water for 2010?! It was a bit fun watching these guys duck and weave between the Sunday masses trying to outscore each other. Kerry Whitford came up victorious and took home the metal for the trophy cabinet.