Mitch Taylor surfing at Trigg Beach, Photo
Mitch Taylor limbering up // Trigg Beach on Sat 21.04.2012
Yes, I was down south last week. Yes, there were waves last week. No, I didn't see the ocean. I was on a tour of wineries and micro breweries with a few buddies. I was surfing the tide of amber and red. Not sure I would have been able to find the shutter button let alone swim with a water housing.  


Surfing at Canggu, Bali, Photo
Wayan getting some wind under the wings // Canggu, Bali on Sun 01.04.2012
In all the times that I've been to Bali, I've never been to Canggu. Not sure why. It's very close to Seminyak, which is where my wife likes to support her shopping habits. It's a great set up with a number of breaks spotted along the beach. Post surf you can still get a cheap feed at a number of warungs with prime beach front locales. Definitely a place I'll be heading back to.
The swell has been BIG, BIG, BIG here over the past week. 8-10 foot Uluwatu a couple of days ago. Not many dared the conditions. 

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