How often do I receive the Blog?

The Blog is emailed to you on a Monday morning.


Can I buy a photo that I've seen in the Blog?

Of course you can!

If you can't find the image in the gallery, then contact us and we'll arrange a copy for you.


Why don't you send an email out 7 days a week?

Because we need time to shoot other jobs and also grab a couple of days off too!

The process behind getting the newsletter and blog posted daily goes something like this:

//   Get up around 5am;
//   Shoot both in and out of the water for up to 2 hours;
//   Have a coffee;
//   Get to the office and download somewhere between 100 - 400 shots;
//   Trawl through these shots and pick out 5 for the newsletter/blog;
//   Process these images in Photoshop;
//   Check out the weather and swell patterns for the upcoming days;
//   Think of some words and captions;
//   Type it all up;
//   Create the newsletter;
//   Create the blog; and finally
//   Have some lunch!

It doesn't happen quickly!



What gear do you use?

Cannon camera bodies and lenses, Manfrotto for keeping them steady and Aquatech housings for hitting the water.



Where can I see some of your artwork?

Hopefully in the lounge rooms of your family and friends!

You can also find a selection of artwork on display at:

Yelo Cafe

331 West Coast Drive, Trigg

Cosmic Studios
164 Scarborough Beach Road, Scarborough

Stimulatte Cafe

361 Hay Street, Subiaco

We also regularly have stalls at local markets.

Please contact us for more information or with any questions. We are always happy to help.


Can I buy a gift certificate?


Our gift certificates can be used for purchasing artwork or a photography shoot.


Why do you have two websites? Loaded Barrel and Epic Swells?

We don't!

There is another surf photographer "Coops" based out of the South West that runs Epic Swells.  Nothing to do with Loaded Barrel. Maybe we could combine and be Coops squared!



My mate has a camera so why would I hire you?

While you will probably get some decent shots, this is not your mate's full time assignment and they will shoot at their convenience (between surfs and drinking beer).  This may not seem important until you get the barrel of your life while your mate is still finishing off his meat pie!

While your mate might have a decent camera, his other equipment may be minimal (i.e. no water housing) and his experience limited.  You get what you pay for!

Someone that has never been to Western Australia or has only limited experience will not know the best angles or the right equipment to use in each situation.  Plus, having a good rapport with the locals can go a long way to you getting waves.


What are some other advantages of hiring you?


Full time professional surf photographer using professional equipment.


Knowledge of Western Australia's breaks and the best angles to shoot them.


Cost is 'all inclusive' where some photographers charge 'per photo'.


Personal tour guide for non-surf activities especially in Western Australia's South West region (wineries, restaurants, micro-breweries, providores, etc.


What if I book you for a photo shoot and there's no swell?

We liaise with you in conjunction with the swell/weather conditions and then ‘pencil’ a date in.

Our photographer will then double check the swell/weather again one day prior to the scheduled photo shoot and liaise with you as to whether you want to proceed with the conditions that have been forecast or reschedule for another date.

As much as we try, we still can't predict what Huey is going to dish up!


I want to use some of the images from the trip in a magazine. Can I do that?

No, your photos are for private, single use only - in other words, for your own personal use.  All images are copyrighted and any advertisements, publications or internet use must be approved in advance by Loaded Barrel.

The price for commercial use of the photo(s) will depend on how they are intended to be used, the size of the image(s) and other factors.


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I had never considered hiring a photographer to go with me on a surf trip or even for a day at the beach.  In my mind this is only something the pro's would do. I kept asking my wife, Zoe, to come down and take a few photos of me on some waves. I

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