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Mitch Loan floats one over the mush // Trigg @ 7:10am
The conditions weren't what I was expecting today. There was obviously a bit too much south in the wind overnight which has taken the shine off yesterday's smooth surface. Still a couple of waves about though but they don't have a lot of grunt.

There should be some swell around for the weekend and offshore winds to boot.

Went out for a shoot with a mate at the skate park last night. Geez that's a whole new skill set. Flying skate boards and bike pedals to keep an eye out for!

Get on to the Rip Curl website now and watch the finals of the Bells (Johanna) live. Taj and Mick both through to the semis at this stage.

Cheers -- Coops

P.S. A couple of the weather models are predicting a big swell for late Monday and into Tuesday next week. They just can't decide together on the swell direction. The early call is for 8-10 foot waves at exposed breaks down south. Time to dust down the jet skis!
Herb airborne in bowl
Herb goes on an airborne bowl assault // Carine last night
Herb Faust on the grinder
Tail grinder // Carine last night
Booger roll
By special request...you know who you are // Trigg @ 7:05am
Cloudy and low light// Trigg @ 7:15am



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On behalf of The McComb Foundation, we would like to extend our sincere appreciation for your contribution to the inaugural Burns Challenge Ball on Saturday, 23rd October 2010.  The energy of all athletes and entertainers on the night made it one

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