On hand and knee - Josh, Trigg Point, Photograph
On hand and knee - Josh // Trigg Point on Mon 21.03.2011
Could it be? Not sure that I want to get too excited! Is this the start of some autumn swell patterns? It's not going to be big (locally) but it looks like this week will have some consistent waves. If you want to get your teeth into something a little more meaty then head south...3-5 foot with offshore conditions till Friday at least.  
Super Moon
If you didn't see the headlines over the weekend and didn't go outside at night time then you would have missed the super moon. No it wasn't wearing it's jocks on the outside...it was just big and bright because it was only 356,577 kms from the earth. Close hey? Will have some shots posted up on Facebook and in the online gallery through the week.
Later // Coops
Colours of Autumn, Trigg Beach, Photograph
Colours of autumn // Trigg Beach on Tue 15.03.2011
Paddlers on the mill pond, Trigg Beach, Photograph
Paddlers on the mill pond // Trigg Beach on Fri 18.03.2011
Stoked to see some waves, Trigg Point, Photograph
Stoked to see some waves // Trigg Point on Mon 21.03.2011
Smithy...keepin' our beaches clean, Trigg Beach, Photograph
Smithy…keepin' our beaches clean // Trigg Beach on Fri 18.03.2011
N.S.P. Nuisance Surfer at the Point, Trigg Point, Photograph
N.S.P. - Nuisance Surfer at the Point // Trigg Point on Mon 21.03.2011
Turbulent, Trigg Point, Photograph
Turbulent // Trigg Point on Mon 21.03.2011
The tap's been turned on, Trigg Point, Photograph
The tap's been turned on // Trigg Point on Mon 21.03.2011
Happy to see me?, Cottesloe Beach, Photograph
Happy to see me? // Cottesloe Beach on Mon 21.03.2011
Fits like a glove, Trigg Point, Photograph
Fits like a glove // Trigg Point on Mon 21.03.2011

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