Loaded Barrel is a Perth (Western Australia) based photography business and blog focused on ocean sports and the beach lifestyle. We give you an escape from the grindstone with images from the beautiful beaches up and down the west coast of Australia plus other locations that combine sun, sand and surf.

Loaded Barrel was started by Coops, A.K.A. Matt Cooper, a New South Welshman who moved to Perth with his family as a lad and was captivated by all things above and below the ocean. Coops was introduced to photography and film SLR cameras as a teenager by his father and went on to study photography through high school. His relationship with the camera has come in ebbs and flows until back in 2008 when he delved back into some further photography study and moved over to digital SLR cameras. Coops is an Emerging Member of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography ("AIPP") and over the years has picked up a number of international awards.

Matt Cooper wasn’t always a photographer. He’s spent many years donning a suit & tie and sitting in an office dreaming about the waves that he’d missed that day and where his next surf trip would be. Sick of dealing with the peak hour commute and being tied to the desk, he decided to pair his talents with the camera lens and his knowledge of the ocean to follow his dream and start a surf blog - Loaded Barrel was born.

This is an escape for all those people still “tied to the desk”.