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There aren't too many places to surf in Perth when the winds are 30+ knots from the South West...but if the swell is pumping, there are one or two options around. Sadly, nearly every local surfer knows the spots and it can get a bit crowded. It wasn't as crowded as Trigg Point in the height of summer but not too far off.

The swell was on the rise on Sunday, so when the winds turned offshore for Monday, there were a bunch of other options (last five images). A bunch of happy faces around.

Cheers Coops


Fuel UpFuel Up

Blank CanvasBlank Canvas

In The PocketIn The Pocket

Hiding in the BushHiding in the Bush


Some Banks FinallySome Banks Finally

....Gives You Wings....Gives You Wings

It's Winter Right?It's Winter Right?

Tucked InTucked In

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Surfers Village Article https://www.loadedbarrel.com.au/blog/2015/3/surfers-village-article Art Brewer has been my photography mentor for a while now and being right in the guts of everything surf photography, he seems to look after me when he can. He recently had a call from the editor of online surf news portal, Surfers Village, to ask him to put forward some work from his proteges. Here's the link to the article about my exploits. Thanks for putting my name up Art.

PS. There is a little bit of artistic license used in the article...I do work in the residential mortgage business but I'm not a mortgage broker.

PPS. If you don't know who Art Brewer is, check out his work here. Amazing!

Felicity PalmateerFelicity Palmateer - South West, WA

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